Camping & RV

If you’re going on a camping trip, you can spray you’re eating and sleeping tents with Wet Block HD before you go, so they don’t get soaked if it rains.

Boating & Fishing

Wet Block HD can be used to spray different parts of your boat so that the only part that gets wet is the part that is actually moving through the water.

Hunting & Hiking

If you’re going to be walking in the rain, hiking or hunting, especially if you have to go through muddy areas, spray your shoes or boots with Wet Block HD beforehand to prevent wet feet. And while you are it, protect your rifle from rush with a quick spray of Wetblock HD.


You can protect your tools, including power tools, from water damage by spraying them with Wet Block. It will also prevent ice from building up on them if you live in an area with harsh winters, and protect them from rust.

Siding And Doors

Wet Block HD will also make your home’s siding and outside doors, including your garage door, immune from water, ice and rust damage.

Indoor Walls And Furniture

Prevent the walls and furniture inside your house, especially those in your kitchen and bathroom, from undergoing damage due to being splashed with water.


Wet Block HD will effectively protect any vehicles, including bicycles, from rust damage. Plus, if you have a live-in vehicle like an RV, you can spray surfaces on the inside and outside as you would at your house.

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